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Inn Policies are subject to change ...

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic AppleCheck-in and check-out.

Usual check-in is around 4:00 PM, but we can easily accomodate early or late check-in, just email or call to let us know when you will arrive. Check out is noon, but again, we are flexible and can either extend check-out or hold luggage for you, but we do ask that you let us know the night before, so we can schedule housekeeping. If you have any questions, please call us at 541-515-8153.

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic AppleSafety and Non-smoking policy.

Our inn is fitted with smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system. We maintain a fire safe perimeter. Nonetheless, we are out in the country with a volunteer fire department and no hydrants nearby. We take fire risk very seriously.

Rules: There is no smoking of any kind inside the inn; there are designated smoking areas on the porches. Any open flame, including candles, is prohibited in guest rooms or anywhere outside of the cooking area.

We try to maintain an odor-free environment for present and future guests, so we also ask that you vape outside as well. Note, bedrooms #2 and #3 have private doors leading directly outside.

It is legal to smoke marijuana in Orgon except in public; we are a private residence 100 yards off the public road and meet the requirements of law for private consumption. Enjoy.

If you have any questions, please call us at 541-515-8153.

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic AppleCancellation/Early Departure

If you must cancel a reservation, please do so as early as possible so that we may rent the room to another guest. It is essential that we get a cancellation message: Cancellations must be conveyed to us by telephone at 541-515-8153; email is not sufficient.

Normally, cancellations at least ten days before the first night will have a full refund. Exceptions are University of Oregon Graduation which is non-refundable after January 15th and specific terms that apply to block bookings.

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic Apple Block Bookings.

We welcome your booking here for a group event such as a small conference, retreat, workshop or family gathering. However, since these events command a lot of our resources (space, labor, etc.), and since your reservation precludes others from booking the space/time, certain policies will apply.

For each of these events, we will have a contract which specifies the terms and conditions of your booking.

A deposit may be required for booking a block of rooms. We love to have you book a block of rooms, but a cancellation has a big impact on us. We will take a deposit roughly equal to one-third of the rental for rentals of nine room-nights or more. This is refundable within the applicable cancellation period, subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic ApplePets

Please note: We like animals and have friends who love to travel with their furry companions. We have two rooms with hardwood floor (#1 and #3), on the ground level close to a dog walk, that we offer to guests with "well behaved companion animals". To us, this generally means a maximum of two dogs -- big dogs are welcome -- or a cat that liked to travel; it definitely does not include barking dogs or dogs that are uncomfortable in strange surroundings. If you travel with your pet you already know the rules:

1. You must notify us in advance about your pet and your pet's needs. Email is O.K., but we urge you to call.
2. Your pet must not disturb other guests or damage property.
3. For reasons of public health and other guests' comfort, your pet will need to remain in your room.
4. You should not leave your pet unattended. If your companion is comfortable being left alone and is used to a cage or carrier, please discuss with us in advance how long you will be gone and how we may reach you if he or she becomes unhappy.

Guests with pets can be accommodated in Bedrooms: 1. Blue River and 3. Silver Creek, both on the ground floor, and both with immediate access to the outside.

There is an additional room service fee of $25 per stay (not per day). Any damage to the room caused by pets will be charged additional fees by credit card to cover damage repair or replacement.

If you have any questions, please call us at 541-515-8153.

McKenzie Orchards B&B Italic AppleChildren

Our inn is a quiet and peaceful retreat and not a family accommodation. In general, we do not accept children under the age of 10, but under some circumstances such as a family group booking the whole inn, if you will be the only guests that night, or if our family friendly room (#4 Paradise) is available, we may make an exception; talk to us, we want everyone to be happy.

If your party includes a child or children under the age of 10, you must phone the innkeeper to to get advanced approval.

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